How can I stay warm while using as little energy as possible?



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    There are many ways to keep yourself without using electric or fuel sources, including wearing more layers, taking advantage of solar thermal heating, etc. First I would suggest that you cover your feet and head as these are the parts of the body that lose the most heat. Then you should open the blinds during the day to draw in heat from the sun. The sun’s thermal energy can be absorbed by thermal masses such as thick walls and surfaces with dark colors.

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    You can try to avoid using heaters or thermostats and use many blankets and wear many layers of clothing. This takes minimal energy but is helpful: drink lots of hot liquids, and drink hot liquids only. Eat soup. The foods you eat affect your body heat immensely. If you must use heaters, it is better to use portable electric ones and ONLY in the rooms that are being occupied.

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    One thing you can do to help keep your house warm without using any energy is to use thermal curtains. These curtains are thicker and help keep the heat in instead of letting it leak out. I would also agree with the other answer on this page. You should wear layers, and have blankets handy when it starts to get chillier. To keep heat in the house, it is important to make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly.

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    If you are out of doors it is impotant to dress appropriately in thermal layers.  Remember to keep dry and to have something to cover your face with when breathing if it’s very cold.  If you are indoors – the most important thing is to be in a well insulated building.  If your home has areas that allow cold air to come in it is more difficult to stay warm.  If you can, make sure that doors, windows and vents are properly sealed to retain any warm air.  Curtains that have thermal linings also help.  For yourself personally, wearing thermal clothing, layers, socks, staying dry will help your body temperature to stay warm.  Drinking tea, warm water, soup or other warm foods such as chili with help you stay warm from the inside as well.  At night you can layer blankets on your bed to help keep the bed warm while you sleep as your body temperature will go down.  If you use a portable heat source – such as an electric space heater or if you use a fireplace – remember to stay awake and not to leave anything unattended.

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    Make sure your heat isn’t escaping through gaps in door frames. I’ve bought weather stripping before which helps keep the warm air in and cold air out. Clean heating vents can also help. 

    Though layers have been covered, a goose down jacket or vest is amazingly warm in a freezing house.

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    The number one thing that I do is put on socks and keep my feet of the floor. If you’re inside, look for the room, or area of the room, that is the warmest. This might mean staying away from drafty windows, or sitting in an area of the room that has a lot of natural sunlight. Sitting in a kitchen while you’re cooking using an oven is a way to get more out of the energy you are already expending. Finally, if you make tea to warm yourself up, an electric tea kettle is the fastest and most energy-efficient way of doing it.

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    Also, vigorous physical activity can warm you up. This is even why you shiver, your body is making you move to burn energy to warm you. You can get the same effect from a quick jog in place or some jumping jacks.

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