How can I start a worm farm?



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    1. Buy a worm farm container, or make your own. If you choose the latter, make sure it has sufficient ventilation.

    2. Line the container with organic matter, such as shredded paper, dirt, or compost.

    3. Add worms. They’re best bought from a reputable dealer, and they need to be one of a few species – red wrigglers, red compost worms, or tiger compost worms.

    4. Cover your worm farm with sacking or a tarp to keep it moist and warm.

    5. Within a few days, you can start adding food scraps, old teabags, and more paper for your worms to digest. Meat scraps, sugary leftovers, and fruit peels aren’t good for your worm farm.

    6. Your worms will start producing a rich organic matter that can be used as fertilizer. This should always be removed one half at a time, and the empty space filled with new scraps for the worms.

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