How can I start an anti littering program in my city?



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    Jade, that’s a very good question, and there’s a lot of different paths you can take. First, I would suggest finding out what the existing littering laws in your city actually are. Many towns or counties, I’d venture to say most, have some laws on the books aimed at curbing litter, and in many places you can get a ticket and be fined for littering. Learn what the existing laws are and try to increase public awareness of them. Write a letter to the city police department and ask how many such tickets were handed out last year. (They may not tell you, but there’s no harm in asking).

    Second: organize a clean-up event with volunteers. Chances are you aren’t the only person in your city concerned about litter. If you live in any sort of sizable city or even a small town, chances are there is a volunteer service club there, such as Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions etc. and many of these organizations have affiliated clubs in local schools or colleges. Call or email someone involved with one of these clubs and say you’d like to organize a litter clean-up detail. They’d probably be delighted to help you. If the project is big enough and people start noticing volunteers going down the side of the road with yellow vests on picking up trash, you might get some publicity in a newspaper or local news.

    Third: go digital. You can use social networking like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to spread the word about what’s being done in your area. A good example is what these Los Angeles area high school students did when they made this very slick video advertising an anti-litter campaign.

    Good luck!

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