How can I shop green for the holidays?



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    To locate green businesses to shop from, check out the National Green Pages ( This website features about 3,000 businesses committed to sustainability. Many people purchase electronics for holiday gifts. Consider the carbon footprint of such items and try finding other gifts for the people on your list. You can find other tips on how to keep your holidays green by visiting

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    There are many ways to shop green for the holidays. First, don’t buy wrapping paper, use things that you hae around your house. Newspaper comics make for great fun giftwrap. Also, you could skip buying gifts and make donations to charities under the name of the people who would receive your gift. This cuts down on production and resource use.
    When you buy gifts, you should pay attention to what they are made from. For instance, do not buy toys make with PVC plastic because of the chemicals released durign production.

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    Another great way to “go green” with holiday shopping is to bring your own bags to the store to carry your purchases.  I always find myself inundated with plastic bags from Target and other retailers during the holidays, so I’ve started taking my own bags with me to those places just like I do to the grocery store.

    My family also started a practice several years ago of reusing gift bags.  We each have a Rubbermaid tub of gift bags, and we just put our bags back in those tubs each year after we open gifts.  That saves money and landfill space because many gift bags are not recyclable.

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