How can I save water in my garden?



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    I was reading an article a while back about a couple that had bought water barrels to place at the end of their rain gutters to catch rain water. The barrels came with hoses that could direct water from the barrels to different parts of their yard when the yard needed watering. I thought that was one ingenius way to save water. You could also install a drip or low volume irrigation system. If you already have a sprinkler system intact, make sure there are no broken or missing pieces. Don’t over-water–lawns only need about an inch of water a week. Before watering, check plants for moisture–if they’re still wet from the last watering, they don’t need to be watered again. Lay mulch–it retains a lot of water. And keep your yard free of weeds–they use water too.

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    The best thing you can do to save water in your garden is install a rain barrel.  Rain barrels collect and store rainwater for subsequent use in the garden.  Rain barrels can be attached to a drip irrigation line, which will save even more water.  A drip irrigation line consists of a soft PVC line with small holes for releasing water.  The holes are set near the point of a seeded plant; when the irrigation is turned on, the system only waters the root of the plant, which is a far more efficient means of watering.

    Potentially, in a wet enough climate, one could water their entire garden with rain barrels and drip irrigation.  The below link has more tips for saving water in your garden.

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    1.  Water early in the morning so that the water can penetrate the deeper layers of soil and get down to the roots before the sun gets strong and evaporates any moisture you put into your soil.  

    2.  Never step on the ground where you’re growing things.  This impacts the soil and will make it harder for any water you apply to penetrate down to the roots.   

    3.  Mulch:  this will help absorb moisture faster and maintain it longer so you won’t have to use as much water.

    4.  If you can set up a grey water filter system so the water from things like your washing machine, sinks, and shower, gets filtered and deposited into your garden instead of going into sewage.   That way you’ll be conserving more water overall.  


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