How can I save money by renting locally?



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    Perhaps you need something for a one-time use or for limited use on a project.  Rather than buying it and having to store it in your house, you may find it more cost-efficient and space-efficient to rent it.  A new trend called “person-to-person renting” has emerged online and is quickly gaining momentum.  In a person-to-person rental marketplace, you can search for the item(s) you need to rent.  Aside from being a great way to make save money, it’s also a great way to help save the environment by encouraging re-use through renting.  Renting helps reduce the consumption (and demand for the production of) new items, thereby reducing the creation of waste.


    1. Consider the characteristics of the item you need—i.e. the cost of buying it new, the frequency you will use it, and the space required to store it.  Now weigh these factors against the cost of renting it online.
    2. Whenever you find it more advantageous to rent the item instead of buying it, find an online person-to-person website, such as, where it is free to register for an account.
    3. Register/set up a free account.
    4. Click on “Rent an Item”; then fill the key words and your zip code/radius in the search criteria.
    5. Once you have found the item that fits your needs and proximity, click on “Rent This Item”.
    6. Once you and the owner have made contact and agreed on a rental arrangement, you can make plans to meet for exchange of the item.  Rentalic uses PayPal to ensure sufficient funds are available to meet the rental price and to facilitate the exchange of funds.  It also uses a proprietary mobile payment verification process, which involves the exchange of a secret code used to validate the authenticity of the renter.
    7. Once you have returned the item, the owner will decide whether or not to refund the whole deposit, based on the condition of the item.
    8. It is highly recommended that both the renter and owner to provide feedback about each other (and the item) on the online ratings system.   Such ratings systems can help weed out any frequent offenders and make the online marketplace safer.


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