How can I save the enviroment?



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    Here are some tips on how to live a more eco-firendly lifestyle:
    -Drive less: take public transportation or bike
    -Eat local and organic
    -Try a Vegan or Vegetarian diet
    -Join an environmentally themed organization.
    -Air dry your laundry.
    -Use compact flourescent or LED lightbulbs
    -Use your own mug
    -Bring your own reusable shopping bags

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    Eat less meat and you’ll eliminate the demand for an industry which leads to the introduction of methane in the atmosphere, takes up value land space, pollutes our water, and uses natural resources as a way to unethically harm animals.

    But as said before, no one person can save the environment. It’s up to the rest of the world as a whole to demand more green products and technologies, and work together to protect our natural resources.

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