How can i rid-off my weight problem?

send me some tips it



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    The best way to lose weight is to avoid crash diets. Personally, I am a person who was struggling with my weight and tried these quick get thin diets that never worked. Not more than a week after losing very little weight on these crash diets would I gain them almost immediately all  back. They never worked and it was torture.

    Eventually, I consulted with a dietician and began eating superfoods and eating healthy in general. I avoided chips, soda and process foods. I did not always eat healthy. I treated myself to junk food (a meal under 400 calories) once every week or two. For snacks, instead of my usual chips, I replaced chips with carrot sticks, blue berries or edamame which I love now!

    Also, make sure you are active. Walk around the park, go jogging, play tennis or any sport. Some kind of active activity will help you burn off fat and working out somehow will also give you more energy and gain confidence! Please don’t ever starve yourself and give yourself a reasonable amount of time to lose weight. Your health is always number one and you have all the time in the world to achieve your goal.

    Here is a website that might help.

    Good luck on your goal and I wish nothing but good health to you!

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