How can I reuse my old mattress?



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    Many people who salvage old goods are willing to take away mattresses that you might think are worn beyond use. Goodwill or Salvation Army might also be willing to accept your mattress, but you may need to bring it to their dropoff point. Amvets will also accept mattresses, and sometimes they can send a truck to do a pickup:

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    If you aren’t interested in getting rid of your old mattress through recycling or donation, there are other options for resuse. You can keep it as a camping mattress to take with you when you camp out for comfort. You can also cut up the mattress and use the springs and other inside parts for garden decoration. Some say it’s also possible to you the materials for wall insulation.

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    Mattress recyclers around the U.S. and beyond include:
    DR3 (“Divert, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”) in Lane County, OR —

    Nine Lives Mattress Recycling in Pamplico, SC —

    Conigliaro Industries in Framingham, MA —

    MattCanada in Montreal, Quebec —

    Dreamsafe in Moorabbin, Australia —

    To find a mattress recycler near you, consult the free online database at Also, the Web-based Freecycle Network ( and Craigslist allow people to post stuff to give away to anyone willing to come pick it up.

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