How can I reduce my laptops energy consumption?



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    There are several ways to reduce your lap-top’s energy consumption. One easy way is to close out of programs that aren’t being used. Many times while  working and moving from task to task, windows are left open, or even if we close these windows sometimes their respective programs continue to run. Another way is by minimizing the amount of programs which open when the computer boots up. You can specify which programs start when you first start your computer in the start up tab of your System Configuration Utility.

    I’ve included a link with step by step instructions on how to do this:

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    In addition to the ways Stamp mentioned, you can also:

    • Shut off the lights: by simply reducing the brightness of your screen (even a few notches makes a difference) you can greatly affect the amount of energy the computer uses as the screen is one of the biggests energy drags
    • Energy settings: make sure to check your overall energy use.  Whichever type of computer you’re using, make sure to go into your energy settings and choose ‘Energy Saver’ or ‘Power Saver’ so that your computer automatically goes to ‘sleep’ or dims the lights of the screen after a selected period of time
    • WiFi?: If you can, turn off your WiFi when you’re not using it as it is another drain on the computer
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