How can I reduce my carbon foot print if I have to make transatlantic flights?



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    Some airlines will allow you to purchase carbon offsets when ordering tickets.  One such airline is British Airways.  The link below lists American-based airlines that offer similar programs.

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    You may try combining trips and staying for a longer period at one location. This would allow you to get more work done (or visit with family longer, etc.) and make fewer trips. You also may try using technology like web cams and Skype to communicate between visits. Try to book tickets on planes that will be full of passengers and not flying basically empty. Try to take public transportation or car pool to and from the airport. Recycle when eating at the airport.

    All of these things will help to reduce your negative effect on the environment during necessary travel.

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    Employ environmental consciousness in all other areas of life: bike rather than driving, use CFLs, recycle everything you can. If you really want to offset, try giving up red meat or meat entirely. 

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