how can i recycle plastics in new york city that aren’t bottles?

I already know that the City of New York asks us to throw all plastic items that aren’t bottles into the trash.
I also know that grocery stores have recycling containers for plastic bags.
My first question is if there are any firms that accept plastic that aren’t bottles or bags?
Secondly, what kind of bag should I use for my garbage can so I don’t have to use plastic bags?
Paper doesn’t seem to work for trash, which tends to get wet.



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    Try whole foods.  I performed a quick search for plastic #5 (I think this is what yogurt or other dairy containers are made out of) and it returned 9 different Whole Foods locations.  Here is the link to the search results, or you can try another one if you want to refine by the zip code. As far as your trash can liner how about a compostable garbage bag?

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      Thank you very much. This gives me another reason to go to Whole Foods.
      I also like the link about garbage bags.
      It inspired me to the following:
      I will use recycled paper bags to line one plastic bag.
      Every day I can put in a fresh paper bag and that way eliminate the daily usage of plastic bags.

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