How can I recycle old text books?

I have outdated textbooks I want to get rid of but do not want to throw them in the garbage. How can I get them recycled?



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    There are a few organizations that will take old textbooks, usually no more than 20 years old. Check out


    You can also try selling them on ebay or There are sometimes people in the market for older textbooks.

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    You should phone your local library. Many times local libraries will take book donations. The library will have guidelines for books which would be considered acceptable donations.

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    I agree with jmendez’s suggestion.  I sold just about all of my old college textbooks online through  Don’t expect to become suddenly rich from your profits though.  Selling your books online is a great way for everyone to get what they want.  You can get rid of your books in a friendly way, make some money, and the buyer usually gets a nice discount versus a new book.  Online selling is the way to go. 

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    Most appropriate task to be done with old textbooks is to reuse it as much times as possible.Then we must sold it our nearby kabaddi can give your textbooks to your juniors too ,who are not able to get their new books in the market. You also can give your old books to poor students who cannot afford them, i can say that they know the value of that old books too.Or you can sell those books onlibne or in your school or in your locality anywhere at reasonable prices. you must think this as your steps towards saving your mother earth 

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    Adding to what everyone else already said, I usually just give my old textbooks to friends that are going to be taking a class I already took. This helps them save money, and they usually do the same for me when I need textbooks from a class that they already took. Any leftover textbooks that none of my friends need I usually donate to the bookstore or library. I never thought to sell them online though, which is a really cleaver idea. 

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