How can I recycle my old refrigerator?



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    There are several options you can consider when it comes to recycling your refrigerator. If the refrigerator works you can donate it to a needy charity. Otherwise you can use several options listed at the website in the citation field below. The author suggests using it as shelving if you cannot arrange transportation, cut the seal between your door and refrigerator. You can cut this magnetic seal into smaller magnets, visit to find a refrigerator recycling program near you, check with your local utility companies who often pay for your refrigerator in utility credits or cash, take the fridge to a scrap dealer, or purchase your new fridge from a company that will pick up your old fridge for you. Visit the website below to read more about your options.

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    Well if your refrigerator is still running, I would say try donating it. You can check with your local electric utility; many have programs in place to deal with old refrigerators. Another option is to locate your local scrap metal dealer. Thousands of local scrap metal recyclers can recycle old fridges and freezers. If you are buying a new unit, ask your retailer is they can recycle your old unit.

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    There are different laws and regulations for recycling appliances in different areas. One of the main concerns with refrigerators is the coolants and oils that are inside of them. The coolants and oils need to be disposed of properly. Use the link for help from Energy Star on recycling your refrigerator.

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