How can i recycle green family /vacation prints/photos?



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    First, find out if any of your friends and family would want the photos. You can also check out websites like where someone who is an artist, for example, may be interested in your photos for a piece of artwork or something. 

    If those ideas don’t compel you then you can look into recycling photos in a way that destroys them. However, the only way to do this is to destroy the paper in an incinerator that has energy recovery. These are not as easy to come by but are necessary because of the polythene in the paper, which is used to prevent water absorption. This means it is not possible to recycle this paper with other recyclable papers.

    Overall the best idea seems to be to pass the photos onto family members who may feel sentimental over them, or simply to donate them to people who have a use for them in their artwork, for example.

    If they are historically significant in anyway, you can also contact museums that may be interested in keeping the photos for their collection. 

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