How can I recycle electronics?



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    Many electronics stores (like Best Buy) offer recycling programs.  The link I attached has a huge list of places to recycle your old electronics at.  The government even has programs set up to do so as well.

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    There are also many computer and electronic companies that will recycle their own products. I know that this is the case for DELL and Apple. When I got my new MacBook, I sent in my old one to Apple free of charge! 

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    You can do a local search for electronics recycling facilities. Many suppliers take their own products back, such as Verizon and Dell. I know Verizon will take old phones and give them to soldiers and other people that could use them. They will also take back the chargers and cords. You can also look into finding a local group that will take waste products. They redistribute them to artists and other people that can find a new use for them. 

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