How can I recycle china mugs?



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    Unless you plan on re-purposing them there aren’t many ways to go about recycling ceramic. Once fired, clay changes chemically and permanently and can not be reverted to its original state. However it can be crushed and used as ‘grog’ a component used to control shrinkage in raw clay. The problem is that if your mugs are glazed or painted they have chemicals in them that would taint the grog. There is a community of people who have identified this problem however and can be contacted here:

    Also, depending on your state, there are ceramic recycling facilities in California for instance that may be able to help. 

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    The easiest thing to do might be to find another use for them.  You could donate them to Salvation Army or a food kitchen that serves people in need.   You could put ads for them on Freecylce or craigslist.  Or you could smash them and use them to build a mosaic or maybe through freecycle or craigslist find a mosaic artist who’s looking for ceramic.  

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