How can I recycle cd cases?



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    Well first I would recommend putting them on Craigslist.  It saves a lot of energy to reuse and lots of people love cd cases.  If you aren’t interested in this, go to and see what centers will accept cd cases around your area.

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      Thank you, this was very helpful…I also looked up further on line and found: GreenDisk…am also going to look into this group.
      Best wishes, Valerie

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    You can try to ask local libraries, schools, and computer shops if they would like them. Or your could sign up on freecycle or craigslist and offer the cases for free. 

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    There is a company that actually recycles these items, rather than just reusing them (not that reusing them is a bad idea!).  The company is called GreenDisk and they recycle all kinds of “techno junk.”  

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