How can I protect my herb garden from rabbits?



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    There are several ways to keep those pesky critters away from your garden.  First, you can build a mesh wire fence.  It is recommended that the fence be at least 48 inches high and 6 inches underground.  Alternatively, you could wrap the individual trees in the same mesh wire.  This should keep the bunnies from nibbling on your plants.

    Also, clearing brush and rocks away from your gardening area can minimize hiding places for rabbits.  This is usually most effective if done before the plants begin bearing fruit.  

    Last, you can trap rabbits.  But beware, rabbits can transmit disease and should be handled with extreme care.

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    There are repellants that are natural and okay for your food, you and the environment. You may alsouse a combination of black pepper, cayenne pepper with bone meal to sprinkle around your plants ( not certain if this will work for edible plants). Wood ash, sprinkled, might also work.

    You can also plant some other crops for rabbits to eat.

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