How can I protect my garden from gophers?



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    Gophers often come to reoccupy old tunnels left behind by previous owners. Because of this, they are often hard to get rid of for good. One way to deter them is to line planting beds and root-protectors. Enclosing your garden in a mesh material will help, just use chicken wire. I will post a link to a pretty strong list bellow. Hopefully some of these suggestions will help to keep away the neighbors. 

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    There are a few methods that are suggested by Critters Online. Firstly they suggest that you build a wire basket and put it around your plants, this way when they burrow underground, they literally hit a road block. You could also “staple wire mesh to the bottom of raised redwood boxes.” If you plant some plants with larger roots, this will deter gophers. For more information, look to the site linked. 

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    For large-scale gopher control, sonic devices that scare gophers away using sound (either above or below ground) might be the best option, if combined with other techniques mentioned here.

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