How can I produce solar power at home?



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    Some ways, depending on what you need it for can be easily done simply by using a peice of black fabric, but others, as one gets the water heated is much more complicated and I would sugust you to hire one about it. I remember that that when I was is school, our class cooked raw hotdog just by covering the raw hotdog by a black clothe and leaving it outside for an hour or so. Solar energy has existed for five billion years, since the sun was born. And humans have been using solar energy for thousands of years. 700 years before the year one, people used simple magnifying glasses to concentrate the light of the sun into beams so hot they caught wood on fire. The Greeks were the first to use solar architecture, over 2,000 years ago. They built their houses so the sun’s rays entered during the winter, but weren’t able to enter during the summer. Entire cities were built this way! (They were way ahead of us.) The Romans got the idea to put glass in windows, which allowed the sun’s light to pass through but trapped its heat. They even built glass greenhouses so they could have fruit and vegetables all winter.

    Skipping ahead a few thousand years, in the 1700s someone in Europe figured out you could make water boil by collecting the sun’s heat behind a few panes of glass. A solar hot water heater! From the early 1920s to just before WWII, everyone in Florida heated their water with solar hot water heaters.

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    There are several ways you can outfit your house with solar power.  The most direct and effective way would be to install solar panels.  There are DIY kits or you can go through a company installation for the more powerful setups.  Indirectly, you can install skylights, or various other sun-capturing devices in your home. 

    If you’re thinking small time, there are countless useful and bizarre objects out there for home use that are powered by the sun.  Solar landscape lights, solar radios, flashlights, scarecrows (rather owls) that move their heads to frighten away birds.  I suggest just entering “solar” in the shopping feature of the Google Search Engine, or be more specific.  There are options everywhere.

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