How can I prevent bed bugs from my home?



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    A few ways to prevent bedbugs: 

    If staying in a hotel, check the mattress and bedding for signs of bedbugs such as dark marking on the mattress, especially around the seams, or discarded bedbug skin. Make sure to check all around the adjacent areas of the bed. 

    Wash and dry clothing at the highest temperature possible to remove any eggs or hitchhiking bugs. 

    Thoroughly clean and vacuum any and all luggage as they may also carry bedbugs. 

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    It can help to keep your bed “isolated” – that is, keep it away from the walls and any other furniture, and do not let bedding touch the floor.  Climb-up interceptors can be placed on the feet of your bed which will prevent bed bugs from climbing up the legs into your bed, and a “bed bug encasement” can cover your mattress to remove bed-bug hiding places.

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    I live in NYC where bed bugs are a major problem. I’ve seen on the subway advertisements for protective bedding. Essentially, these products are casings for your mattress. They prevent bed bugs from getting into your mattress and prevent the ones already there from escaping. Click the citation for more information.

    In addition, if you ever get bed bugs, I recommend contacting a professional who can get rid of them. Make sure you wash all bedding and clothing in hot water, as well!

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