How can I prepare an organic breakfast?



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    Shopping at local farmers markets is a great way to find fresh organic ingredients for all your meals. If you’re lucky enough to live in or near a rural area, this means that you can probably find natural, organic eggs, milk, fruit, veggies, breads, and juices for your breakfast table. For example, you could make a frittata using organic eggs, spinach, and mushrooms, served with some preservative-free whole grain bread, cream-top milk, and sliced organic apples. If a farmer’s market that boasts organic produce and other goods is not available to you, you can find them without too much trouble in local co-ops, specialty stores, and even larger supermarkets. Organic sections are sprining up in supermarkets everywhere, and you can find them throughout the store by checking the labels. Virtually all organic goods are advertised as organic. Certified organic is best, as it meets the highest USDA standards out of all organic products (others may contain a small percentage of nonorganic ingredients).

    Check out the link below to find a co-op near you.

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