How can I personally plant more plants? (And note that saplings from the Arbor Day Foundation have been generally less-than-viable for me.)



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    Probably the easiest way to plant more plants is to head to your local nursery and pick out some plants or seeds to plant in your own yard. If you live in an apartment or do not have a yard, you can use planter pots and grow small plants or even herbs in a well-lit window. Herbs are great because you can use them in cooking, and generally are pretty easy to grow. Ask the staff at the nursery for information on what kind of plants do well in your particular climate region. If you are looking to plant more plants in your community, there are lots of organizations that are devoted to planting things. One that I know of here in Portland, Oregon is Friends of Trees, an organization that helps organize volunteers to plant trees in communities. You can find similar organizations in your area by doing a search for “volunteer planting” or “volunteer gardening” and then the name of your town. Good luck!

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     Check your area for tree planting programs. Some cities offer a “tree rebate” program. If you plant a native tree you get a rebate (sometimes for your utility bill) which helps offset the cost of purchasing the tree, as well as creating an incentive.

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