How can I personally help with animal conservation?



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    You can sign up for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Conservation Action Network, where you can find opportunities to take action to help the environment through communication, joining pledges, and personal action (like boycotting wasteful fishing, promoting sustainable fishing, writing letters to congress), or you can donate funds generally or specifically through the adopting of an endangered animal.

    Noah’s Ark Wildlife Centre is involved in quite a few conservation and rehabilitation efforts in Africa, and they are looking for volunteers.

    Art for the Animals accepts donations for conservation efforts. You can also volunteer at your local ASPCA or Humane Society. Also check out the National Wildlife Federation. If you want to help save whales, check out Sea Shepherd, which accepts volunteer applications both at sea and on land.

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    Elifitz provided a very thorough list of non-profits that work with animal conservation in general. Another idea is to think of an animal that you feel very passionate about saving, and to find out what conservation efforts are going on to protect it. If this animal is local to your bioregion, you can volunteer with helping its conservation. Of you are a student, you can tailor your studies to become a wildlife biologist specializing in this animal. You can also contribute to raise education and awareness about the needs this particular animal has, and about why it need conservation.

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    I think it is a good idea to have a look close to home.  See what local conservation groups/organisations there are, and then volunteer to help out.  It can be anything from helping at a local conservation centre, to handing out flyers.

    If you want to look further afields, then there are plently of animal conservation reserves dotted around the world.  It depends on what you are after. There is the Shamwari Game Reserve that has the Born Free Foundation Big Cats Sanctury on its grounds, if big cats are your thing.  If you are more of a Panda lover then the Foping Game Reserve in China should be just up your alley!

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    In addition to the great answers you’ve already been given, a really great way is to go vegetarian or vegan.  You will save  over 100 lives per year by dining meatlessly.

    Helping locally is a great idea, too, like HelenAlexandra suggested. There are farm sanctuaries in some cities around the nation and they help out with rescued farm animals.  I know for a fact these places can always use a helping hand.  Always. 

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