How can I offset the carbon from travelling?



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    If you haven’t all ready, you can check with your energy provider to see if you can buy green energy credits to offset what you use for traveling. When you aren’t traveling, see if you can do less day to day driving. A good way would be to buy from local farmer’s markets because not only will you be supporting local economy, the food won’t have to travel great distances to get to the consumer, which is a problem in the industry. Finally, just try and consume less in general. Everything you do has an impact in some manner on the world so make sure you act as responsibly as possible in those actions.

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    If you live in an urban area, take mass transit.  Trust me, its a lot easier than most people would think.  If you are talking about vacationing, try driving.  I know it sounds weird to hear that driving can be green, but compared to flying (which burns pure kerosene high up in the atmosphere)  Driving is actually the greener choice.  It might take longer, but it might also make the planet last longer. 

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