How can I minimize the waste in my office?



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    A surefire way to minimize waste is to go paperless.  If you’re not ready for that, though, here are some ideas:

    • Instead of handing out paper at meetings, project information onto a screen.
    • If documents do not have sensitive information in them, use them as scrap paper for writing memos, notes, etc.
    • Make sure to recycle


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    There are many simple ways to minimize waste in an office. Perhaps the most useful way to do this would be to use a computer to transmit data, rather than hard copies.  Email, Excel, and other office computer programs can send info faster, cheaper, and cleaner than could paper.  In addition, if you must use paper, use as much scrap paper as possible. Energywise, eco-friendly bulbs are very efficient and greatly minimize your office’s energy bill. Things you can do in particular to save energy are to optimize the energy settings on all office computers, unplug scanners and other office electronics at the end of the day, and turn off all lights in rooms that aren’t being used. You can also green your commute to work by walking, bicycling, using public transit, or carpooling. Check out more in the link below 🙂 

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