How can I make working on a computer have less of an environmental impact?



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    Power management is a way of ensuring computers and monitors are turned off when not required and in low power mode during idle periods. Ensuring computers are turned off at night dramatically reduces their energy consumption. Further savings are made by ensuring computers enter low power mode when they are idle during the day.



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    Since the computer is a big part of my life, I’m on it a lot. This of course uses energy, so that’s why I purchased an energy efficient laptop. There are many energy efficient computers out there, but I decided to go with the MacBook Pro. I loved the modern design, and all of the environmentally friendly features were a quick sell for me. Here’s a link to the page explaining more about how eco-friendly these laptops are. 

    If you can’t afford a new computer, then the tips that necolepe mentioned should help you out a lot!

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    This is a small suggestion, but a valuable one, I think. If you are working on a laptop, don’t leave it plugged in all day. Let the battery charge and then unplug it, and turn it off if you are not going to be using it for a while (this will also increase the life of your computer). Also, choosing to use a laptop rather than a desktop is more energy efficient too: laptops use approximately 25% less energy.

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