How can I make washing dishes better for the environment?



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    First off, change your dishwashing liquid to something that is environmentally friendly.  Personally I love the Seventh Generation products.  Secondly, wash them in the dishwasher, this saves water compared to handwashing.  Third, always wait until the dishwasher is completely full before you run it.  Try to find an Energy Star dishwasher that will help to conserve water and energy.

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    Depending on the way you wash dishes, you may or may not save water by using a dishwasher. I wash my dishes every night, right after dinner (so that nothing is dried on), and rather than soaking them in a full sink, which will then be emptied and wasted, I just wet my sponge, and soap the dishes that way. I turn on the water very low when rinsing, and am almost positive that I use less than 5.8 gallons of water, which is how much Energy Star uses. But if you don’t really have the time, or have a lot of dishes each night, then an Energy Star dishwasher and some eco friendly dishwasher soap is the way to go!

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    If you do not use an energy-efficient dishwasher, than fill up your sink with water and soap and wash your dishes all at once, placing them in the other part of the sink or in a tub. Then, rinse everything at once so that you do not waste water running it while you are washing the dishes.

    There are many dish soaps that now allow you to use much less or are biodegradable and safe for the environment. Utilize these products instead of soaps that are not organic.

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