How can I make steamed, foamed, or frothed milk at home?

I will be using this for coffee drinks mostly.



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    The easiest way to make frothed milk at home is with a steamer wand or espresso machine. If you have a wand, make sure to refrigerate your milk beforehand for optimal results. But if you don’t own equipment, there’s another simple way to do it:

    1. Pour milk into a small microwaveable bowl and microwave for thirty seconds.

    2. Use a hand mixer (preferably not electric) to whip the milk.

    Scoop onto coffee and enjoy!

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    You can always boil the milk instead of microwaving, I actually prefer to boil instead of using the microwave.

    A cheaper piece of equipment that one can buy is a cold milk frother. It kinda looks like a french press (You can actually use a french press if you wanted) and it works by whipping the milk through a strainer like plunger and makes it have a texture similar to when it’s steamed. It makes great cappuccinos and lattes (Just don’t whip it as much if you’re making a latte). I’ve never tried it with warm milk but I’m sure it would work if you’re careful.

    Try it if you have a French Press. It works by pumping the strainer back and forth just remember to be careful.

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    Milk steamers/frothers are available at most home goods stores. Many espresso pots feature an attatchment.  milk can also be frothed with a small whip. There are also small electric handheld whipping machines designed especially for frothing milk, though I’ve had the best results using milk steamers.

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    I had a cook book once reccomend putting the hot milk in a blender, but I’ve never tried it, as I do not have a blender.

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    I like hand held wands the best. They are small and easy to use. This one is battery powered and costs $11. Simply heat the milk, use the frother for a few seconds, and enjoy!

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