How can I make recycling fun for my kids?



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    Getting your kids to make costumes would be a nice project that they could work on over a long time.

    I made costume out of a cardboard boxes for Halloween. It cost me $1, which I spent on the green paint.


    Starting a garden at home would also be a good route to take.

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    You could make it a game, kind of like a scavenger hunt. Whoever finds the most trash and puts it in the right recycling bin wins some sort of recycling award (Princess of Recycling?). You could also have them decorate the recycling bins they’re going to use. If you are composting you can get them into a home garden. A friend of mine uses a kind of composting bin that has live worms in it. It could be cool for kids to “feed the worms.”

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    I agree with making it a game of sorts. You could also show your children videos were recycling is depicted as a fun and important activity (like the one below – YouTube is full of similar videos). You could explain how recycling helps animals they like (like polar bears or dolphins), by keeping the earth clean. Making up recycling songs can also be fun. If all else fails, prizes are always a good bet. 


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