How can I make poison ivy feel better?



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    Some poison ivy home remedies are Calamine lotion and dipping the ivy-ed area in very, very hot water (which will not feel good at the time of dipping).  Baking soda and water paste is also beneficial, as is buttermilk.  The website in the citation will provide more information regarding poison ivy. 

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    The good news is that the rash will go away on it’s own in 2-4 weeks, but that short amount of time can begin to feel like ages! If the rash is widespread or you have a lot of blisters, your doctor can prescribe you an oral corticosteroid, but most home remedy treatments will work just fine. You can try over-the-counter orticosteroid creams, such as hydrocortisone, or oral antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine, to help with the itching. Calamine lotion, soaking in a cool water bath with baking soda, and cool, wet compresses applied throughout the day can also help make waiting out the rash more bearable.

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