How can I make owning a dog something green?



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    You can buy sustainable and organic dog food, use green pet products, and keep as much pet waste out of landfills and out of our drinking water by disposing of it properly.

    Avoid the use of potentially toxic chemicals in over-the-counter flea medications. Though these treatments are efficient at eradicating fleas and marketed as “safe” for your pet, they are made with powerful chemicals, the long-term effects of which are still unknown.
    Some natural alternatives are by frequent and thorough vacuuming (disposing of the vacuum bag afterward), bathing and combing your pet often, using herbal flea repellents such as pennyroyal, and adding garlic and brewer’s yeast to your pet’s food.

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    You can start by avoiding chemical based products for grooming. If your dog gets fleas for example, instead of using a chemical-based repellent, try combing your dog with a fine-toothed flea comb that you dip in warm, soapy water between each comb-through. Also, try dealing with pet odors by vacuuming with baking soda instead of using chemical solvents. Simply sprinkle it on your rugs and run your vacuum over it. Instead of using chemical cleaners on floor surfaces, use damp- or dry-mopping with a little water instead.

    You may also want to consider looking into eco-friendly pet toys such as ones made from hemp. Also consider getting the eco-friendly “Doggie Poo Eliminator.”

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    Instead of buying cheap food for your dog, buy organic. This will help you save a lots of money on your vet bills. (Commercial dog foods contain not only poor quality ingredients but may also contain genetically modified foods such as corn). Use biodegradable pet poop bags! These bags will are biodegradable, meaning they eventually break down into harmless waste. They are now readily available at most grocery or pet stores. Buy a poop converter. This new invention converts your backyard dog waste into a product you would have to buy which is plant fertilizer. By using the Poop Converter you will save having to buy plant fertilizer for your flower or garden beds. Lastly, seek out organic, chemical-free toys for your dog. Most dog bones, etc. are coated in harsh chemicals, which are bad for your dog as well as the environment.

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