How can I make non-toxic cleaning products?



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    Several different types of non-toxic cleaning products can be made using the same few basic ingredients.  Window cleaner, floor cleaner, oven cleaner, etc. can be made with mostly baking soda, washing soda, vinegar, and tea trea oil.  Step by step instructions to make a broad array of non-toxic cleaning products can be found here.


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    There are some simple cleaners you can make with ingredients such as baking soda, lemon juice (orange citrus works well too), white vinegar, and cornstarch. All are great deodorizers. Baking soda is an abrasive, so it works well to cut grease. Lemon is very acidic and works well to kill bacteria. The site below tells you how to combine different ingredients to make various cleaning products.

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    Agree with previous post. Using of white vinega, baking soda or lemon juice is the best cleaners. Thanks for sharing the great site for making the non-toxic cleaning products.


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    There are several different types of non-toxic cleaning products can be made with same basic ingredients. The white vinegar and the baking soda is the best example for the cleaning solution, which is very effective and works well for cleaning.


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    Use baking soda to clean the kitchen cabinets and counters. The stove and refrigerator will come out sparkling. Baking soda is a mild abrasive, so check for wear on โ€œsoftโ€ paints and varnishes.

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    Well in my opinion…You will require cleaning products like white vinegar, oxygen bleach, ammonia, lemon juice and baking soda these are the best non toxic cleaning products. Basically using of these products for all cleaning purpose.

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    The top two natural cleaners are possibly already in your kitchen cabinet: baking soda and vinegar. With these two non-toxic, stain and odor eliminators on hand, you are ready to undertake just about any cleaning problem in the home.

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    I would re-emphasis vinegar and baking soda… they are both amazing. I use vinegar a lot when I am cleaning my house. I also recently found out that it also help repel bugs a little bit! Just an added bonus! I use it on my counter and carpets even all the time. Although when I did need my carpets cleaned professionally, I was really impressed with this company: They had some really great non toxic options which I was so glad to hear. 


    Hope that helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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