How can I make my wardrobe more “green”?



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    There are many ways to make your wardrobe green.  First of all, dont follow the trends as closely as some do.  Reuse articles of clothing in a manner that tey can be worn until they wear out.  Buy clothes locally in order to cut down on the resources used in transporting your fashions.  Also, try to stick to natural fabrics made in the US. 

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    Buy used clothes from second-hand stores like thrift or vintage shops or swap clothes with friends and family. Look for eco-friendly clothing companies like the ones posted on the websites below.

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    Thrift and vintage stores are a great place to start shopping in order to get the wardrobe “greener.” This a trend that continues to pick up in popularity, and not only are you reusing materials but, for the most part, you are saving some money too. And don’t throw away your clothes too quickly! If a shirt or pair of pants is not working the same way it used to, get creative with it. Cut it up, perhaps, and come summertime you may have some new shorts or tank tops. 

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