How can I make my very large family more green?



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    Making a large family go green would in some ways be simpler than with a very small family.  As with any project, it will take cooperation from all parties.  One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and get the kids involved is to grow a garden.  Not only does it make fresh organic produce available to you, it also increases your children’s exposure to healthy foods and gets them involved in the process.  This isnt even to mention the ways that the environment gains from home gardens.  Enother small step that turns huge rewards is to recycle.  Make it a family project and see how creative everyone can get on how to store the recyclables.  Make a list of things you use on a daily basis that can be recycled and have prizes for who remembers the most that week.  There are many many ways, but these are a couple that will get you started and start new habits.  The resources below can help you with further ideas (including a blog by an earth-conscious mother.

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    I agree. The best way to persuade anyone is to not make it about the environment or the future, but illustrate the tangible positive outcomes that will be present immediately.  Talk about the money saved by becoming more energy efficient and saving water.  Talk about the healthy effects of eating better, and the positive atmosphere creating by having plants in the house, gardening, and appreciating nature.

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