How can I make my teenager be more green?



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    Eco-friendliness is pretty hip right now. It’s probably going to be a matter of how you present it. If there’s a specific behavior you want to alter, you might point out what negative effects to the environment (s)he’s causing, and what positive personal and environmental benefits could be gained from making other choices.

    Like most things, the easiest method of persuasion is just to get people interested.

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    Leading by example is another option.  Emphasize consuming local and organic products, as well as reducing waste. 

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    I agree with both.  It is a cause that is both popular and cool to be a part of.  There are many great books, movies, and music to get people interested, and there are many celebrities who are part of the movement.  For a teenager, a big concern is often money, so show the ways in which someone can save money by going green.

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