How can I make my spa use less power?



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    If by spa, you mean hot tub, then there are plenty of energy-saving methods you can use:

    1. Put a cover-up or thermal blanket on your spa to keep heat from escaping. The less heat that escapes, the less energy you need to reheat the tub. It can also guard your hot tub from the elements if it’s outside. Put the covers on whenever the tub is not in use.
    2. If you’re going away from home, turn off the heat to the tub. It’s a waste of energy.
    3. Keep your filters well-maintained and clean. If they aren’t, they’ll slow water circulation and your spa will consume more power because the motors will work harder and strain the machinery.
    4. Put some bushes or wind guards around the tub, so the wind will have a harder time cooling down the temperature of the spa.
    5. If you use your spa at the same time every day, then put your heat on a timer. It’ll power up when you’re going to use the spa, and power down the rest of the day.
    6. Don’t let a lot of water splash out of the tub. Use less water, and use less energy reheating it.

    Just follow some of these simple tips, and you should save a lot of power. You’ll also help preserve your spa for a longer time.

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