How can I make my roses smell more?



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    Good nutrition leads to higher fragrance, as does high light and moderate to warm temperatures.  Keep in mind, however, that higher fragrances lead to shorter lifespans due to the energy needed to produce the fragrance.

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    The type of rose also determines how fragrant you can make them.  According to the American Rose Society, here are the top (listed alphabetically) Aida, Captain Harry Stebbings, Dublin, Folklore, Fragrant Cloud, Limelight, Miss All-American Beauty, Mr. Lincoln, Royal Highness, and Tiffany.

    I can attest to Mr. Lincoln’s fragrance as it was one of the 16 rose bushes we had growing up and it always had a great perfume. 

    So, aside from proper nutrition and growing conditions, if you have to replace a bush or are looking to add on, try one of the higher ranked, more fragrant roses.

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    GreenBean also provided a link about a week after this question that shares tips for preserving the ilfe of your roses after they’ve been cut.  In doing so, you maintain as much “freshness” as possible and keep the flower fragrant longer.  Change out the water every 2 days or so, don’t keep them next to fruits (they emit gases that decompose the flower) and trim leaves the are below the water line.

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