How can I make my own sea salt?



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    Making your own sea salt is not as daunting a task as it may sound. First, you must collect ocean water — a quantity around a quart would be fine. Next, strain the water into a pot through a cheese cloth, which are commonly sold in grocery stores. Then boil the water until there is very little left in the pot. You should be able to scrap the salt crystals out of the pot and into a bowl, and after leaving it to dry overnight, your homemade sea salt is ready for consumption.  

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    Another method, albeit slower, is to gather sea water in shallow pans and to let the sun evaporate the water naturally.  Keep in mind that the quality and quantity of the salt you collect will depend on the “variety of minerals present” in your respective location.  The amount of pollution in your sea water should also be a factor in where you choose to gather it.

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