How can I make my own natural beauty products?



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    Yes there is a range of natural beauty products you can easily make at home. Most of these products are made from easily available fruits, flowers, vegetables and oils.

    Check out

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    There are plenty of websites and even books that teach people how to make their own natural beauty products. Many of the recipes are easy; I have posted just two websites that can show you how to make them. Some websites show you how to make your own beauty products but might not include all natural recipes. You should still peruse through such websites to get more recipes; look at the ingredients in the recipes to determine if they are natural or not.

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    As previous answers have stated, you can find many recipes online and even from youtube. Checkout out for recipes and kits. If you are interested in making your own soap also got to Soap Works, as they have organic oils that you will need to make your own soap.

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