How can I make my own home-made make-up remover from all natural products?



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    One recipe only requires lemon juice, baby oil and olive oil:

    You can also use grapeseed oil and castor oil 2:1 :

    You can mix cucumber oil and baby oil to remove dirt and makeup, a mix of baby oil and olive oil to remove mascara, or even just baby shampoo :

    and here’s one last one, castor oil, olive oil and baby oil, similar to others but a slightly different recipe :

    The general trends seem to be the same, I imagine it’s just proportions and what makes your skin feel good.

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    Check out a great new website below called Alt Use. It lists every day house hold items, and provides a list of alternative uses which saves resources, and thus saves money.

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    Personally, I purchase jojoba oil and use it as a makeup remover.  After trying various name brands, my priorities were having natural products used around the sensitive skin around my eyes. I have also tried Vitamin E oil, but find jojoba to be more effective.  For heavy makeup, swipe over the eyes after washing your face.

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