How can I make my fingernails stronger?



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    Drinking more milk and applying Vitamin E oil to your nails could help. Also, try to keep harsh chemicals away from them and avoid biting them.

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    Petroleum jelly and olive oil have also been recommended for stronger nails. Rub either one into your nails and cuticles before you go to bed to moisturize your nails.

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    A few things can make a big differences in keeping your nails strong. First of all, most nails are strong, it is the process of keeping them strong that breaks them down. For example, cleaning and washing dishes with hot water breaks down the natural oils in the finger nails and weakens them. Wearing gloves solves many problems. Vitamin E oil is also a good choice as it absorbs directly into the nail bed and drinking milk fortified with calcium is said to help as well.

    I have to say, many article talk about the importance of drinking milk for calcium when it comes to nails and hair, but personally I suggest that calcium from leafy green vegetables is a better choice. I find that moisturizing the hands and nails before going to bed helps a good deal as well as using Vaseline around the nails to protect them further from the elements.

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    Trim your nails a just little bit, but more often, so the edges stay fresh and strong. Kind of like trimming split ends. Back in high school, when I briefly took care of my nails, I used some nail strengthening oil that really worked. 

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    Fingernails may become brittle in the winter months because of lack of moisture in the air. Try using a humidifier at night. This will also benefit dryness of the sinuses, skin, and hair.

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