How can I make my backyard more bird friendly?



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    Put a bird bath back there, and have a feeder. My grandfather has a martin birdhouse, a bird bath, a bird feeder, and a hummingbird feeder. You might want to research what birds live in your area so you can cater to them. Hummingbirds for example require sugar water in their feeders instead of the usual bird feed. You can also throw out any leftover bread that you aren’t going to use in the yard, it attracts birds as well. These are just a few ideas, hope it helps.

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    To make a yard more bird friendly I would suggest adding elements that would attract birds. These elements include bird bathes, feeders and houses. Planting lush flowering plants that have strong aromas will also help increase bird sightings in your property.

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    In addition to the suggestions by longhorn11 and sunshine, I’d suggest planting more trees and shrubs if you don’t already have very many in your yard. We have a pretty small back yard, but birds love to perch in our trees.

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