How can I make homemade potpourri?



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    You can collect a variety of flowers and herbs and prepare them by cutting them, lightly crushing them, or breaking them into small pieces. You’ll want to make sure the mixture smells the way you want it to, then put it all into a contanier in a cool, dark place for at least a couple weeks before using it. For more detailed instructions (and some specific recipes), visit the citation links.

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    Potpourri is a relatively simple floral craft, as long as you have the right ingredients. You need four categories of ingredients, flowers and leaves, herbs and spices, essential oils, and a fixative. A fixative is something that helps preserve the smell of the flowers in the rest of the mix. A common fixative is dried Orris Root. You can add the orris root to any combination of your favorite flowers and fragrances or you can follow a recipe.

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