How can I make composting go faster?



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    I think the key to composting lies in maintaining the proer conditions for optimal composting.  The compost pile needs to be wet, oxygenated and the correct ratio of carbon rich matter to nitrogen rich matter.  If you are keeping a proper ratio already, watering and turning your pile you could consider adding activators like grass clippings and “well-rotted chicken manure”.  Check out more tips here

    If you are looking for a more self monitoring model, I saw this product reviewed on the local news, they claimed it is no fuss kitchen composting and can turn table scraps in to fresh dirt in two weeks.

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    Most sites recommend using about 80% brown materials to 20% green materials.  I’ve found that using about 60% green materials and 40% brown materials results in a quicker compost.  The key is getting the compost hot, which will break it down quicker.  If you can get your compost to 160 degrees, you’re doing it right.  Make sure to turn the compost frequently, every 3-4 days or when the temperature starts to drop.  It’s easier to make compost faster in the summer when it’s naturally hotter.  You want to make sure your compost stays evenly moist but not wet.  If your compost is too wet it will slow down the process.  Make sure that you are using some finished compost in your new compost pile (even a handful will help).  You can also try using a compost starter or accelerator (also called inoculant) to help the process along.

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    Composting can be sped up by turning your pile more often (as often as once a week or so), and making sure that the pile is evenly moist – but not wet.  You also need to ensure that you have the proper ration of carbon to nitrogen, or “green stuff” to “brown stuff”.  You should have much more carbon than nitrogen for your pile, a little bit of green stuff goes a long way.  The link provided has soom good info on ratios.  Having the right balance of water, carbon and nitrogen, and turning your pile frequently, will help speed up the composting process. 

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