How can I make composting easier to do?



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    The easiest thing to do is to purchase an automatic compost bin. Nature Mill is a specific brand that I recommend. Their composters range from 300-500 dollars and they do pretty much everything for you. Some of their features include :

    • Automatic mixing
    • No trash odors 
    • Add waste any time, any day
    • Up to 120 lbs / month
    • Make compost in 2 weeks
    • Make compost indoors or outdoors, even in rain or snow 
    • Replace filter every 5-7 years
    • WARRANTY: 1 year
    • Various color choices
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    It isn’t necessary to purchase extra equipment to make composting easier.  A very simple compost bin can be built with kennel wire, made into a tube or hoop.  This makes composting easier by making it easier to turn, or stir, the pile.  Just shimmy the kennel wire tube off of the pile – it will hold it’s shape – then pitchfork the pile into the new location.  Here is a page with an example of the hoop style composter, and some other types.

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