How can I make a botanical garden at my house?



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    First of all, you will need substantial land to start your garden. Botanical gardens usually have a large variety of plants and so you won’t want to limit yourself. How much space do you have?

    I watched this great feature on PBS/KCET a while ago about space saving garden methods. One of the tips included building a cylindrical frame for some plants to grow in, especially beautiful for plants that will hang and fall down after growing for a while. You can also invest in plants in pots that can be hung from hooks, guaranteeing that your garden not be limited to plants growing out of the ground.

    The link below gives some great suggestions. Of them, the first suggestion is to make a plan on how you want your garden to look like and then forming your budget. Next you need to look at which areas in your space are shady and which receive more sunlight, which will determine what types of plants go where. The last step would just be to go to a nursery and pick out which plants you’d like to go in your sunny/shady areas and then wait for them to grow over time with care! 🙂

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