How can I make a bee hive at my house?



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    1) Find a good location.

    Ideally, you want to find a place protected from dampness and strong winds. It’s also important to ensure that your hive is within a mile or two of nectar sources, such as clover, dandelion, alfalfa, asters, goldenrod, or sage.

    2. Install protections

    You’ll need a screen or a fence around your hive, so that bees will have to adopt a high-flight pattern in order to get out. This ensures that neighbors will be protected from your bees. Also, you’ll need to get a beekeeping suit to protect yourself from bee-stings.

    3 Purchase a hive and bees

    Italian bees are usually recommended for beginners, because they are gentle, good foragers, and easy to maintain. might be a good place to start. But shop around. Your local beekeeper might be able to give you a few tips. To find beekeepers in your area, click here:

    4 Install bees in your hive.

    You’ll need to check the hive periodically to make sure the bees are healthy. Again, your local beekeeper will be able to give you advice.

    For more information, click here:

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    You can build a beehive with basic carpentry skills, but you will need a building plan to know how to assemble one. You also need to make sure you have enough room in your yard for the beehives, and that your neighbors aren’t close by. If you don’t want to build your own from scratch you don’t have to. All of the major suppliers of hives and hive components offer the equipment fully assembled and painted, ready to use. But, of course, you will pay a premium for the service of having the equipment assembled for you. You’ll also pay an additional premium in shipping charges since the assembled equipment is much bulkier, and therefore more costly to ship.

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         It’s a good idea to know what the laws are for your community before you start beekeeping. In most places it’s legal, but there are a few that don’t allow it. Even if it is legal, most communities have laws about where the hives can be placed or how many hives you can have. Some also require you to put up a sign. 

         As beekeeping becomes more popular, more places are allowing it. New York City made news by legalizing it in March 2010. 

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    Provided you know the skills involved in beekeeping, you can make use of mud pots as your hive without any special skills. Using wood involves depleting the forest trees and un-ecofriendly.

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