How can I lower my heating bill in the winter?



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    There are many ways to lower your heating bill this winter. First of all, and most notably, lower your thermostat when you are around (no higher than 70) and down even more when you are not around (low to mid 60’s). Invest in a programmable thermostat if you do not have one. If possible, add insulation to your house in regions such as attics and walls. Turn down your water heater temperature and use less hot water. Keep heating vents clear and your furnace in good working order. Also, use windows wisely, open shades during the day on south facing walls and close them at night to allow solar radiation in during the day and keep the heat there after sunset.

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    There are a number of possibilities for lowering your heating bill this winter. One of the most significant changes you can make is setting your thermostat at 65, and set it to a timer so it is only running while you are home. An initually costly option, but beneficial in the long run, is to replace your windows with double pane windows if you don’t already have them. This prevents additional heat from escaping from windows. You will also want to replace your the air filter to your heating system. It fills with dirt and other debris and can make your heater less efficient.

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